If you have something you want to tow, you need to have a trailer hitch installed to be able to do so. The type of hitch, however depends on what you will be towing and your tow vehicle. There are three primary categories of hitches; receiver hitches, fifth wheel hitches and gooseneck hitches. While there are thousands of hitches in these three categories, there’s really only one that fits your specific vehicle and tow needs.

Three Categories of Hitches:

    • Receiver Hitches are the most common and versatile of the hitch categories. Receiver hitches are mounted to the frame of your vehicle and are capable of receiving accessories such as ball mount & ball, bike racks, kayak carriers, cargo carriers, scooter carriers and more.
    • Fifth Wheel Hitches are most commonly used for towing fifth wheel campers. Mounted in the bed of a truck over the the rear axle they provide a larger towing capacity and better stability.
    • Gooseneck Hitches are most commonly used for towing horse trailers and large equipment trailers. Mounted in the bed of truck over the rear axle to provide a larger towing capacity and better stability.

A Few Important Things to Know About Hitches:

We stock and install hitches for most vehicles made in the last 10 years. Understanding your vehicles towing capacity ultimately determines what you can actually tow.

Are you towing an open trailer, enclosed trailer, RV, installing a bike rack or any number of other accessories available? Knowing what you are towing will determine which category of hitch you need. While there are thousands of hitches in each category, there really is only one designed to fit your specific vehicle.
There are literally hundreds of accessories available for your receiver hitch. You can attached a bike rack, cargo carrier, scooter carrier, trailer and more.
While quite a few of todays vehicles come prewired for towing, most are not completely set up and require additional wiring and adapters professionally installed for proper towing and electrical connection to your trailer.

We work with every customer to determine your exact towing needs and match the perfect hitch set-up to your specific needs. We carry and install hitches and wiring from top manufacturers such as DrawTite, Curt and Reese for most vehicles manufactured within the last 10 years.

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