Brake System

Nearly all state both in the United States and Canada require a brake system when flat towing your vehicle. 33 states require a supplemental braking system if your towing weight exceeds 3,000 pounds, the rest of the states require a supplemental braking systems if you are towing anything between 1,000 – 10,000 lbs. We carry the best and most highly rated braking systems from Demco and RVI.

Stay In Play Duo braking system:

Stay-In-Play Duo uses both air pressure and vacuum power to bring you one of the fastest and most powerful supplemental braking system on sale today. Duo’s dual-signal activation system eliminates the need for complicated electronics, while Demco’s patented actuator lets you feel the brakes being applied to both your RV and towed vehicle.

Why Stay-In-Play Duo:

  • Integrated system engineered for gas RVs with hydraulic brakes./li>
  • Zero setup time to tow
  • Demco-exclusive integrated breakaway system
  • Fully transferable to a new vehicle
  • Unique dual-signal activation
  • G-Force controller lets you adjust braking power.
  • Patented actuator helps your RV and towed vehicle bake as one
  • 5 Year Warranty

Air Force One Braking System:

Air Force One is among the smallest, best performing tow braking system available, providing 100% proportionate braking performance that adjustable systems simply can’t match. Equipped with Demco’s patented actuator, you’ll fell as if your coach and your car are braking together as one.

Why Air Force One:

  • Proportional
  • Only air brake to meet DOT and chassis regulations
  • Fits every car and motorhome
  • No pulleys, catches, or springs
  • Breakway integrated
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty

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