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Hitching Post is Proud to Offer Full Service Annual Maintenance and Repair for Splendide Laundry Centers
Splendide Laundry Centers

Factory Authorized Splendide Service Center

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Never be without a working washer-dryer!

An annual maintenance and inspection is the best way to keep your Splendide Washer or Dryer in top operating condition.

We service your unit and do a thorough inspection of all components which lowers the risk of unexpected failure.

Call us at 800-241-2122 or email to schedule your annual checkup.

Splendide Monthly Maintenance

We help you with your washer-dryer and laundry solutions if and when you experience a problem. Our support team acts as your source for information and provides a professional forum for your questions to be asked. Whatever your questions or repair needs, you can be certain that a Hitching Post technician will resolve them quickly and easily.

Splendide 2100 and 2000S User Manual Splendide 2100XC User Manual

Splendide Helpful Hints

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  • Never use solvents or abrasive cleaning products on the body or rubber parts of your machine.
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe soap residue from the inside of the porthole glass door, or other parts as needed.
  • Remove and rinse the dispenser drawer regularly under running water to remove any detergent/fabric softener residue that may build up.
  • Also, remove any visible build up of detergent/softener from the dispenser housing.
  • Close the water inlet taps when your machine is not in use.
  • Never over dry your clothes! Over drying wastes energy, harms fabrics, causes wrinkling and shrinkage and shortens fabric life.
  • Choose loads that include both items that you want to dry in your machine AND items that you want to hang dry and remove the items that you want to hang, and your left with a smaller load that will dry efficiently in your machine.
  • When washing large items like bed sheets or pants, set them to wash ONLY (leave the Dry Time at "0" min). After the wash cycle ends, give garments a quick shake and fold them before starting a dry cycle.